Blackmore bonds

About us

The current housing shortage means there is a very strong demand for new homes, and as such Blackmore is fast establishing itself as a leader in the sector.  

Our success is built on painstaking due diligence, industry leading partners, and delivering the highest quality projects and profitability.  

We have had enormous success with our capital raises to date, allowing investors to be part of this exciting journey and benefit from strong returns and a capital guarantee scheme.

Our latest series has again proved the high demand for such investment, and please watch this space for our next offering in the new tax year to co-incide with expansion to the international market.


We have achieved our fundraising goals and are not currently taking new investment.

We will update the website with any new offerings, so watch this space for future announcements or if you would like to be updated directly please get in touch with us on the below details.

We are currently working on an exciting new portal for current investors, which is due December 2019.


Industry partnerships

The Blackmore Group partners with some of the largest names in the industry to provide a unique product and develop inspiring residential properties.

We are looking to build further partnerships as we expand both nationally and internationally. If you are a residential developer or landowner looking to work with us, please get in touch with us on the below details.

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Registered address: 53 King Street, Manchester, England, M2 4LQ. Registered in England and Wales under company number: 10273135.