Invest In UK Property With Our Bonds And Enjoy Returns Of 8.9% or 9.9% Per Annum

Annual Interest

4 years
Interest Paid Quarterly
How to Apply
Annual Interest

5 years
Interest Paid Quarterly
How to Apply
  • Insured up to £75,000
  • 100% asset backed security
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Earn 8.9% or 9.9% gross interest per year
  • Interest paid directly into your bank account

A Secure Investment For Individuals

Blackmore Bond is raising £20,000,000 for investment into the UK property market. All of our bonds are secured against UK property assets ensuring peace of mind.

Blackmore Bond is part of the Blackmore Group an investment company with £25,000,000 under active management.

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Our Developers' Key Projects

16 Projects Delivered In Two Years Ranging In Size From 6 One Bed Apartments To A Small Estate Of 21 Houses And 10 Apartments. A Total Sale Value Of £28,146,000, Average Profit Of 22%

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Fixed Term - 4 Year Income Bond 8.9%

Fixed Term - 5 Year Income Bond 9.9%

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